Jag skulle bara gå igenom Västermalms Gallerian idag.

Bara gå igenom för att ta en genväg.

Jag kom ut 700 spänn fattigare…
Jag behöver hjälp tror jag. Eller en sugerdaddy.



7 svar

  1. jag röstar på sugardaddy!! 😉

  2. Gosh! 700kr. You really need help…Someone who can teach and show you what spending is, boy! 😀


  3. Michel.
    I do not need any help to spend money.
    I even frightened a lady at the bank when I told her what I spend each month at clothes.

    When I wen to Balletacademy I neglected to pay my tuition and spent it all on clothes instead…

    I´m still a shopoholic. The only different now is that I have money (that I should spend on my apartment).

  4. Well, okey, you might be a shopoholic! But it’s not too bad, is it?! I enjoy every second of it! I’m all the same and can’t get enough. As long as you don’t end up on the street sleeping on a cardboard. Enjoy your money, savings are for…rich people going poor (?)

    A sugardaddy? Haha you wanna get spoilt! 😉

  5. If you know any sugardaddys, send them my way!

  6. ”…I ain’t saying he’s a golddigger but he ain’t messing with no broke nigga…”
    *singing and silly moves across the floor, moving up close*

    Yes, your way it is 🙂

  7. Alzheimer



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